Melisizwe Brothers


M is for melody, the song of life.
E is for enrich, a quality you share.
L is for listen, one of your best traits.
I is for immense, are your great qualities
S is for sweet, your pleasing way.
I is for important, the search for all parts of life that are
Z is for zip, the quickness in your step!
W is for warm hearted, it's you!
E is for elegant, born within you.

Zacary Justen James Zacary, 11 years old, born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, started taking piano lessons at the age of four. He instantly fell in love with every instrument he could get his hands on. Music is his passion. And, he just happens to have perfect as well as relative pitch. Although he is lead vocalist of the Melisizwe Brothers, Zac is a singer-song writer, dancer and multi-instrumentalist, including piano, drums, violin, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand drums, steel pan, harmonica, stand up bass and cello. He loves entertaining family and friends, and now a growing number of fans. In addition to music, Zac is an excellent track and field athlete and… has a passion for airplanes! His ultimate goal is to travel the world… to learn about different countries and cultures and, along with his two brothers, use music to deliver their powerful message, “Gold Mind”, to help transform lives.

Seth Jared James Seth, 12 years old, born in Toronto, Ontario Canada, is the "glue" of the trio. He plays violin, acoustic guitar, drums and hand drums, but his main instrument is the piano. He started taking piano lessons at the age of five. Focused, driven and having an innate ability to quickly comprehend theory, Seth’s progression in music has been rapid. Although he too is a highly skilled track and field athlete, he loves to create animation, something he is very talented at! Along with his brothers, Seth shares a passion for travelling the world, believing that sharing their musical talent and powerful message will touch lives and make a positive and profound difference.

Marc Aaron James Marc, 15 years old, born in Toronto, Ontario Canada, is a true leader and excellent role model for his younger brothers. His parents noticed his love of singing at age four and enrolled him in lessons. Marc then started classical vocal training at age six, a passion that continues to this day. His musical talent is exceptional. He writes and composes original songs for the Melisizwe Brothers, plays acoustic guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, piano, sings harmony and shares lead vocals. Marc’s humble genius, however, is expressed in more than music. He is currently writing a novel and, along with his two brothers, is an excellent track athlete. Marc believes their combined talent is a gift to be shared. Along with Zac and Seth, he is determined to use their gift of music to help others believe they too have a “Gold Mind”… that, like the three boys are doing, they too can achieve their dream.