Tomas Galvan & Gimeno Herrera


Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera began their successful dance career together thirteen years ago in Catarmarca, a province of Argentina. Shortly thereafter, the pair moved to Buenos Aires to further their study and skills in the art of tango. Tomas and Gimena danced their way through Argentina, gracing the dance floors of numerous halls, stages, festivals and competitions.

In 2009, the duo won second place at the Metropolitan Championship in “Tango Salon” and placed third in "Mionga." In 2010, they joined the notable Tagueros del Sur dance company and traveled to various countries around the world including the United States, Mexico, and Israel performing in such prestigious dance festivals as Vail International Festival, Jacob's Pillow Festival, Tamaulipas International Festival, and the Israel International Festival.

After having danced across the globe, Tomas and Gimena headed back to Catamarca and created Company Malevaje. This group is both directed and choreographed by the duo, and focuses on building a work of stories merging works of dance and theatre. The International Festival of Poncho awarded the group the "Revelation Award" in 2009. Tomas and Gimena’s vibrant electricity on the stage together has been deemed both “visceral and energetic,” and their passionate tango has been called “furious at times, and dense in silence and stillness.” The duo’s commitment to the emotional intensity of the dance, as well as their personification of the rhythmical music, draws you into the world they create through their sultry and fiery performances.

This is their ESO debut.