Staff Listing

Winspear Box Office & Guest Services

Entrance at 99 Street & 102 Avenue
Phone: (780) 428-1414
Toll Free: 1-800-563-5081
Fax: 780-425-1913

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ESO & Winspear Centre Administration Office

9720 102 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, T5J 4B2
Phone: 780-428-1108

ESO & Winspear Centre Staff


Annemarie Petrov, President and CEO (780.401.2500)
Brian Alguire, Vice President of Finance & Operations (780.401.2520)
Alison Kenny-Gardhouse, Vice President of Music and Engagement (780.401.2583)
Joyce LaBriola, Vice President of Brand and Experience (780.401.2545)
Alyssa Paterson, General Manager (780.401.2531)
Nadja Merali, Executive Communications & Grant Administrator (780.401.2578)
Barb Wilkes, Executive Coordinator & Board Liaison (780.401.2591)


Rob McAlear, Artistic Administrator (780.401.2510)
Jerrold Eilander, Orchestra Operations Manager (780.401.2511)
Eric Filpula, Orchestra Personnel Manager (780.401.2542)
Aaron Christopher Hawn, Librarian (780.401.2569)


Adam Trzebski, Business Analyst (780.401.2501)
Miriam Ayles, Business Intelligence Coordinator (780.401.2525)
Louise Bradbury, Donations Coordinator (780.401.2502)


Leanne Persad, Director of Guest Experience (780.401.2555)
Warren Bertholet, Head Lighting Technician (780.401.2558) *
Catherine Boissonneau, Guest Experience Ticketing Specialist (780.401.2550)
Diana de Sousa, Client Services Manager (780.401.2522)
Jonas Duffy, Head Audio Technician (780.401.2557) *
Megan Fath, Guest Experience Specialist (780.401.2589)
Stacy Mitchell, Guest Experience Manager (Clients) (780.401.2560)
Mike Patton, Head of Stage Management (780.401.2563) *
Zillur Rahman, Guest Experience Manager (780.401.2554)
Hannah Jarvis-Lingard, Guest Experience Ticketing Specialist (780.401.2575)
Tasheena Syhatheb, Guest Experience Ticketing Coordinator (587.414.5438)
Jessica Bulger, Guest Experience Representative

Digital Operations

Beth Hawryluk, Director of Digital Operations (780.401.2516) - Maternity Leave
Sandy Haslam, Systems Administrator (780.401.2573)
Kirstin Piehl, Application Support Specialist (780.401.2594)


Henry Choy, Controller (780.401.2588)
Sandy Carter, Senior Accountant (780.401.2507)
Shirley Chaytor, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (780.401.2534)
Olena Kotova, Accountant (780.401.2546)
Minoo Ghaffari, Accountant (780.401.2553)
Renato Ronabio, Plant Operations (780.401.4010)
Jerry Sanchez, Custodial Services Supervisor (780.401.2521)


Hanna Choi, Director of Brand Communications (780.401.2559)
Katherine Dalusong, Digitial Marketing Manager (780.401.2514)
Konstantine Kurelias, Media Relations Officer (780.401.2544)
Jenna Milne, Creative Services (780.401.2530)
Myles Bartel, Creative Services (780.401.2585)
Allan Cabral, Brand & Experience Coordinator (780.401.2536)
Narissa Kanji, Community Investment Manager (780.401.2509)


Amanda Banister, Associate Director of Musical Creativity
D.T. Baker, Musicologist & Interpreter (780.401.2512)
Nathan Chan, Teaching Artist & Musical Creativity Associate (780.401.2548)
Lauren Dykstra, Lead Teaching Artist (780.401.2537)
Jacquie McNulty, YONA-Sistema Site Manager (780.903.9744)
Anne-Marie Switzer, Musical Creativity Coordinator (780.401.2523)


Jeffory Magson, Associate Director of Patron Development (780.401.2517)
Amanda Brace, Patron Advisor (780.401.2513)
Kelsey Golas, Patron Advisor (780.401.2515)
Michelle Jones, Patron Advisor & Volunteer Coordinator (780.401.2593)
Trena Taralson, YONA Patron Advisor
Roya Yazdanmehr, Patron Advisor (780.401.2532)

Winspear Project

Elaine Warick, Director of Capital Campaign (780.401.2564)
Ally Mandrusiak, Executive Project Manager (780.401.2567)
Lana Walsh , Capital Campaign Manager (780.401.2568)

*The ESO and Winspear Centre work in proud partnership with IATSE Local 210