Edmonton Chinese Culture & Traditional Art Society

dance troupe

Edmonton Chinese Culture and Traditional Art Society is a non-profit company established in Edmonton more than 20 years ago. Through their dance, their purpose is to promote and enhance Chinese culture, and anyone of all ages is welcome to join in our Chinese dance classes.

Chinese dance is divided into classical dance, folk dance, regional dance, and martial arts dance based on regional, local, and ethnic differences. The various dances can be recognized by the dancers’ costumes, music, and props. Students at the Edmonton Chinese Culture and Traditional Art Society have the opportunity to learn and experience the knowledge of Chinese heritage, arts, and culture. All of our students give their best to learn the skills and techniques required to perform the dances.

Edmonton Chinese Culture and Traditional Art Society performs year-round for various cultural events such as Heritage Days, for charity events, for children and seniors, and also for fundraising. They participate in events put on by other communities which also promote multiculturalism. We would like to thank all the people, friends, and parents who give us their greatest support with their contribution of time and their most sincere smiles.