Jennifer McMillan


Jennifer McMillan is an active member of the Edmonton musical community. She is a graduate of the Music Composition and Piano Performance programs at Grant MacEwan University and has since developed into a sought-after accompanist, vocalist, clinician, composer, and arranger. As a vocalist, Ms. McMillan has lent her talents to various publishing demos and numerous vocal ensembles. She has performed as a backup singer for Ben Folds and has been a featured vocalist in many film, television and video game recordings. A few favourites include Universal Studios Tokyo, Warframe (video game), CBS's Hawaii Five-O and CBC's The Nature of Things.

As an accompanist, Jennifer McMillan has played for numerous school and community choirs, soloists, auditions, cabarets, and musicals in Canada and abroad. Most recently, she just finished playing keyboards and music directing for Six at the Citadel Theatre. Ms. McMillan’s choral arrangements and compositions have been heard across North America and have even reached audiences in Europe, Asia, Australia, Namibia, and South Africa.