At The Event

What to Wear

For some, an event at a world-class facility like the Winspear Centre is a great excuse to dress to the nines. But it’s hardly necessary. If that’s your style, go for it! If it’s not, do what makes you feel comfortable. You’ll see a wide range of dress, from casual to pretty classy, depending on the kind of event it is. Business casual is a great middle ground for most Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concerts.

When to Arrive

Most concerts begin promptly at the scheduled time. Check your ticket carefully; some of our performances begin at 8 pm, while others begin at 7:30 pm, or any number of other times. In consideration of our audience, and for the acoustically splendid Winspear Centre, latecomers will not be seated until a suitable break in the performance.

Plan to arrive at least a half hour prior to your concert’s scheduled start time. This will leave you enough time to park, check your coat if you wish to do that, and perhaps enjoy a drink or a nibble before your performance.

Some Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concerts feature an entertaining pre-concert introduction to the music on that night’s performance. Symphony Preludes are informal, free half-hour presentations by a wide range of music authorities that begin before the concert. They take place on the Upper Circle Lobby, and are worth coming early for!


The world-renowned Francis Winspear Centre for Music is one of the best places to hear live music. But just as you are able to hear every nuance of a performance, other noises are easy to hear as well. Please be as respectful of your fellow patrons as you hope they will be to you. If you feel a coughing fit coming on, our fabulous front of house staff can direct you to a room where you can hear the performance while you clear your throat.

Please unwrap any cough candies or breath mints before the performance begins. In between movements of longer works is a good time to clear your throat.

Also please ensure that mobile devices are switched off before you settle into your seat.

Children In Attendance

The Winspear Centre does not allow babes-in-arms or children under three into the concert hall, unless otherwise specified by the event promoter. Please see individual concert descriptions for specific age recommendations.

Documenting Performances

Recording devices of any kind – audio, video or photographic – are not permitted at most performances. Cameras and other recording devices are best left at coat check.

Perfume & Scents

In consideration to your fellow patrons who may have sensitivities or allergies to scented products, we ask that you use such products with great discretion. If, as a patron, you experience difficulty due to another patron’s use of fragrance, please alert our front of house staff, who will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Food & Beverage

The Winspear has a number of stations in operation pre-show and during intermission. Bars, coffee bars, dessert stations and a martini bar are waiting for you. A good idea for intermission is to pre-order your drink before the show, and it will be waiting for you when intermission arrives so you can avoid lining up during the break.


Patrons who wish to smoke must do so outside the Winspear Centre, at least 5 metres from any entrance, in accordance with Alberta smoking laws. Please note that our liquor license requires that we must not allow drinks to be taken outside and back inside, so you will need to leave your drink (if you have one) inside while you step outside.