Rental Specifications

Lobby spaces, Landmark Group Founders' Room, dressing rooms and performance support areas are included with rental of Enmax Hall.


Standard Performance Times

  • Evening Performance - 20:00
  • Matinee Performance - 14:00
  • Sunday Evening Performance - 19:30
  • Length of Intermissions - 20 Minutes


Front of House Ushers

Minimum numbers of ushers and supervisors are required depending on the nature of each event, and hourly rates are available from the Client Services Coordinator. Please call for estimated labour costs.

Refreshment and Bar Facilities available in Lobbies.
Merchandising tables available.


Stagecrew ( I.A.T.S.E. Local 210)

All production work must be performed by IATSE Stage technicians. Minimum of three stage hands required (Stage, Lighting and Audio). Minimum call is 3 heads of department for 4 hours. Overtime will be calculated on all work performed over 8 hours in a day, or on work performed between the hours of 12:00 AM (midnight) and 8:00 AM. To ensure no penalties, meal breaks should be given after four hours of work. All activity on stage must be supervised at all times. Total number of stage hands required to be determined by the production director in consultation with the licensee. Stagecrew rates are subject to change. Please call for estimated labour costs.


Dressing Rooms

There are four soloist dressing rooms and four large group rooms, all equipped with washrooms and showers. Laundry facilities are available at Winspear Centre for performers and crews.


Loading Dock

The loading dock area is approximately 20m (60') from the stage and on the same level as the stage. It can accommodate two full-length semi trailers, side by side, and is also weather protected.


Green Room/Staff Lounge

The Green Room/Staff Lounge is located adjacent to the Stage Door and Dressing Room area. Furnished with tables, chairs, vending machines and small kitchen (microwave oven & refrigerator) as well as a stage monitor. A courtesy telephone for local calls is provided. This space is commonly used as a catering area for the performers and crews.



Base rent includes regular building security. Additional security available upon request or at the discretion of FWCM.