Community and Corporate Supporters

The Winspear Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of its community and corporate sponsors.

Series Sponsors

  • Masters Friday

  • Robbins Pops and Robbins Lighter Classics Playlist

  • Symphony For Kids

  • Symphony Under the Sky

  • Traditional Classics

  • ESO Rocks, Bugs Bunny, Paul Brandt

Program and Educational Sponsors

  • Instrument Supplier

  • Summer Day Camps

  • Summer Day Camps

YONA-Sistema & Kipohtakâw YONA Sponsors

  • Edmonton Community Foundation

Media Sponsor

Exclusive Caterers


  • Printing Services

  • Large Format Print Shop

  • Wine Supplier

  • RV Supplier

  • Videographer Sponsor

  • Bottled Water Supplier

  • Radio Supplier

  • Official Photo Booth Supplier of the ESO

  • Official Floral Supplier