Ronda's Story

Ronda Metszies, ESO Cello
Photo by Dale Macmillan

My name is Ronda Metszies. I’ve been a cellist in your Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for nearly 20 years.

The loss of nearly an entire season of performances is being felt deeply by the ESO, but support from our donors and subscribers has been a gift to me during this difficult year.

There have been times when I’ve gotten to the point of not knowing why I play my instrument. But when I’ve spoken with supporters like you over the phone, I have heard how much what we do means to you. I hear that you are waiting and hoping and supporting us through this.

This is why I’m asking you today:
Will you donate to your Edmonton Symphony Orchestra?

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While we have stayed afloat this past year, many sacrifices have been made, including layoffs within the organization. Our orchestra remains intact, but our doors are still closed, and with every missed concert, comes an increased shortfall.

When you donate to the ESO, you provide me with a livelihood, a way to support my family, and a way to give back to this amazing community through the power of live music. 

I like to think about how amazing it will be when we’re finally back in our hall, doing what we love to do, connecting with you. For those first performances back, I imagine there will not be a dry eye in the house, both on stage and in the audience.

Our orchestra plays the music of composers who lived through astonishing and challenging times. Despite surviving devastating plagues and wars and personal hardship, they speak to us of a tremendous hope in humanity. I believe the fine arts celebrate the best of what humanity has to offer. And we need to remember and celebrate this now as much as ever.

Thank you for keeping music alive in our community.

Until we meet again,
Ronda Metszies
ESO Cellist

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