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Donna Krucik, ESO patron, with Conductor Alex Prior

Your Edmonton Symphony Orchestra needs you now.

Do you remember the silence brought upon the Winspear Centre by the Covid pandemic? For months, the hall was quiet, void of the music that brings joy to so many. Can you imagine how it would feel if the sounds of the symphony you look forward to each year never returned?

Maybe for you it’s the sound of the violins during a Vivaldi concerto or the percussionists during a Robbins Pops Holiday concert that excite you and transport you to another time and place. Or maybe you are moved by the sounds of the ESO in our community bringing joy and hope to others outside the Winspear Hall.  

For Donna, a long-time ESO subscriber and donor, the music of the symphony bring a calmness and deep beauty. She has attended the ESO for decades and found comfort when she needed it most. 

“I found that when my husband Gerry died, I needed music so very much. I needed the ESO. Music of all kinds brings me calmness and deep beauty which settles me.

Gerry was a member of the Richard Eaton Singers. Music ran joyously through his soul too! Together we attended the ESO. Time has passed and I attend alone now – but I still give. It is my way to share my love for this organization and make sure it goes forward. ” 

You can provide a gift today that will ensure the sounds of the symphony continue to fill the Winspear Hall.  

Can I count on you to give today?  

Or would you consider increasing your impact by making a sustaining monthly pledge? When you do, a $1,000 donation will be made to your ESO. 

Your gift will bring live orchestral music to the Winspear Stage where thousands in our community, like Donna, will find messages of peace, hope, and joy this holiday season.

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Yours in music, 
Annemarie Petrov  
President & CEO, 
Francis Winspear Centre for Music/Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 

P.S. Become a sustaining monthly donor by December 31, and a $1,000 donation will be made to your ESO by an anonymous donor. 

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