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Music is powerful. Studies show music can change our mood, improve our learning, and benefit our health. And yet, music education is not accessible for all children.  

Without your help, a student will not be able to afford to play an instrument.  

As the cost of living continues to rise, families here in Edmonton are struggling to make ends meet. The cost of a music education for kids is a barrier for many – but you can help.  

Will you put an instrument in the hands of a child today? 

Your donation will give the gift of music to a child in YONA (Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta). Students in our program come from underserved neighbourhoods in Edmonton and surrounding areas. For five days a week after school, YONA gives them a community, a place to make friends, learn new skills, and have fun!  

Meet Heni*, a young member of YONA. Anger and frustration were his daily companions. Participating effectively in a group was very difficult, as he was constantly challenging boundaries and looking for buttons to push.

One day, during a rehearsal of Ode to Joy, he couldn’t help but be overpowered by the music and, for the first time, poured all his soul into his playing. When it was over, he approached the conductor, looking stunned, and exclaimed “That felt so ... good?”

This is one of the many ways that YONA touches children and changes lives. Music helps kids like Heni discover a part of themselves that resonates with others. It helps them reach out and connect and become a part of something big and beautiful – the capacity to feel good and to love. 

There are thousands more children like Heni who need YONA. They need a place where they can go five days a week after school, at no cost to their families. They need community, a place to grow, learn new skills and have fun! 

Please pledge your support today. 

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When you give before December 31, you hold three times as much power in your hands. For every $1 you give, EPCOR will give $2 up to $25,000.

You can give the gift of music this holiday season. It will make a world of difference for a child – and you’ll feel great too! 

Yours in music, 
Alison Kenny-Gardhouse 
Vice President, Musical Creativity 
ESO and Winspear Centre 

*Pseudonym to protect the student’s identity.

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