Deck The Halls - Digital Concert
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Deck The Halls - Digital Concert

Friday, December 18 (3:00 PM) Streamable until December 31, 2020 (11:59 PM)

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Join your ESO as they take you on a holiday journey with guest conductor Lucas Waldin. This program is filled with magnificent orchestrations of beloved works such as “Ave Maria,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Deck the Halls,” and much, much more!

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Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Lucas Waldin

Program subject to change.

Christmas Fantasy

March of the Toys (from Babes in Toyland)

Ave Maria
FRANZ SCHUBERT (Arr Dan Goeller)

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
TRADITIONAL (Arr Dan Goeller)

Selections from The Nutcracker:
Dance of the Flowers / Trepak

P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY (Arr Otto Langey)

Christmas Angels
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / The First Noel / Deck the Halls

TRADITIONAL (Arr Dan Goeller)

Sleigh Ride

Fun Family Activity

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Craft Time inspried by "Sleigh Ride"!

What are some fun winter activities that you do with your family and friends?
When your neighborhood is covered in snow and you head outside to play in those fluffy piles of white flakes, do you ever grab a toboggan or sled and find a great hill to slide down? The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is playing a fun piece of music in their concert, Deck the Halls, that is all about having fun sliding and sleigh riding around in the snow!

This song was composed in 1948 when a common activity that people did for fun back then, was hitching up a team of horses that pulled a sleigh! They would bundle up warm, hop in the sleigh, cover up with a blanket, and go for rides around their community.

Could you hear how the music is upbeat and bright like everyone is having fun playing outside in the winter? Did you hear how the music had moments where the horses were trotting along with the sleigh gliding gracefully behind it making the bells jingle to a beat? Could you hear how the music became more exciting like maybe the sleigh went over a bumpy path? Or how about the parts where the horse neighed because the ride was about to end, or the clip clop sound of their hooves?

Let’s make a Sleigh Ride craft that you can play with while you listen and watch this song in the concert!

Supplies You will Need:

  • Horse & Sleigh image [Print: PDF | JPG]
  • Winter Sleigh Ride Scene page [Print: PDF | JPG]
  • Blank cardstock (this works the best) or white paper to print images onto
  • Colouring utensils (crayons, markers, pencil crayons, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle stick or stir stick/straw or pencil
  • Tape

**Please note that you can substitute materials with alternatives to complete the craft with whatever you may have access to at home.

Tutorial & Instructions:

  • Print out the “Winter Sleigh Ride Scene” page, and the “Horse & Sleigh” page on cardstock or white paper.
  • Add your unique touch to the Sleigh Ride Scene! Colour in trees, a house, a snowman, people, a skating rink, street lamps … whatever you’d like to make it a playful setting for a sleigh ride.
  • Colour the Horse & Sleigh.
  • Cut out the Horse & Sleigh image.
  • Use tape to attach a popsicle stick to the back of the Horse & Sleigh.
  • Cut along the dotted line of the path on the Sleigh Ride Scene page. Be careful to NOT cut to the edge of the page! TIP: Use a pencil or pen to carefully poke a hole where it says “cut” and then use the scissors to cut along the line in the direction of the arrow.
  • Place the popsicle stick with the Horse & Sleigh into the slit you cut on the path of the Sleigh Ride Scene page.
  • From behind or underneath the scenic page, move the popsicle stick along the path while you listen to the music! Now you have a Sleigh Ride!

We want to see what you’ve created! Send us a photo or video of your Sleigh Ride craft.

Share with us on social media:

  • Post your video on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Tag (@) us in the post
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #sleighride

Share with us via email:


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