Megan Evans

Megan Evans

Facebook Live
Monday, May 25, 2020 7:00 PM MT / 9:00 PM ET

This performance is part of #CanadaPerforms, brought to you by the National Arts Centre

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The Heroic Horn: Why is it the best instrument ever and the people who play it so cool? Your questions answered here.

Ever since the dawn of the era of horn, thousands have gathered to hear the powerful and stirring calls to action, the mournful and achingly beautiful melodies and its embarrassing and inevitable cracked notes. So what is the horn about and where did it start? Is it truly the best instrument, as everyone always says? Why is it so hard to play? What makes horn players so cool and pretty and fun, like everyone is always telling us? Let’s nerd out with a little chat about this fascinating instrument, it’s history, players and some uses in modern culture today.

ESO Horn player Megan Evans will answer all of your burning questions about the horn as part of #CanadaPerforms and give you a little taste of music. This presentation is sure to be a fascinating look at one musician's connection to her instrument.