Adventures Among Orangutans
National Geographic Live Presents

Adventures Among Orangutans

Special School Presentation
Monday, January 27, 2020 10:30 AM

Orangutans are one of the world’s least understood large land animals because they are solitary and live in hard-to-reach places. Since 1992, biological anthropologist Cheryl Knott and wildlife photojournalist Tim Laman have been using innovative techniques and new technologies to gain a closer look at this intelligent, resourceful—and threatened—species. During this experience, they will give students insights not only into the world of the orangutan but also our own.

Join us for this engaging 45-minute school video presentation followed by a Q&A with the explorers!

This matinee performance is specially designed to cater to Grade 4 – 12 students.

Ticket details: $10/ticket; 1 free supervisor ticket for every 10 student tickets purchased


Curriculum Connections

  • Global Citizenship
  • Globalizations
  • How geography shapes culture
  • Human Interconnectedness with the Natural World
  • Interactions and Ecosystems (or Interactions of organisms)
  • Landforms and physical landscapes
  • Needs of Animals and Plants
  • Planet Earth
  • Plant Growth and Changes
  • Technology and Community
  • The Changing Earth
  • The Ripple Effect / Human Impact
  • Trees and Forests
  • Waste and our World
  • Sharing perspectives through print and visual media
  • Storytelling and expressing experiences