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Welcome to ESO Virtual Stage For Schools – a new way to educate with your ESO!

ESO Virtual Stage for Schools is a digital subscription featuring new, exclusive virtual content from the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Musical Creativity Team. Get to know your ESO by accessing engaging educational content, PDF slide decks (SMART Board-friendly), instrument introductions, and performances suitable for students from grades K-12.

You can utilize the subscription at any time of the day, any day of the week, and will pay a one-time fee to share the Virtual Stage with your whole school. We will continue adding content from now until June, and will email you when new videos and educational content is added. You will be able to access videos and educational content until the end of June 2021.

Ideal for home learners and home school programs, too!


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ESO Virtual Stage Subscription features

2 performance video releases per month
Specially edited for education purposes
Instrument Introductions featuring ESO Musicians

Lesson plan documents
with accompanying SMART Board presentations
Unlimited views until June 30, 2021

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April Releases


(composed by Jocelyn Morlock)

Educator content:
Includes Lesson Plan + SMART board presentation

Victorian Kitchen Garden Suite

(composed by Paul Reade)

Educator content:
Includes Lesson Plan + SMART board presentation

Strings Instrument Intros:

Neda Yamach (Violin)
Ethan Filner (Viola)
Ronda Metszies (Cello)
Max Cardilli (Double Bass)
Nora Bumanis (Harp)

Woodwind Instrument Intros:

Stephanie Morin (Flute)
June Kim (Oboe)
Julianne Scott (Clarinet)
Bianca Chambul (Bassoon)

March Releases

Mountain Triptych

(composed by John McPherson)

Educator content:
Includes Lesson Plan + SMART board presentation

Give My Regards to Broadway

(composed by George M. Cohan)

Educator content:
Includes Lesson Plan + SMART board presentation

Percussion Instrument Intros:

Barry Nemish (Timpani)
Brian Jones (Percussion)

Brass Instrument Intros:

Allene Hackleman (Horn)
Robin Doyon (Trumpet)
Kathryn Macintosh (Trombone)
Scott Whetham (Tuba)

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases.