Winter Lobby From Outside"I really enjoy the openness of this building," states Doug McConnell, Chief Architect and Partner with The Cohos Evamy Partners. He and The Cohos Evamy Partners were the Prime Consultant and Project Architects as well as Structural and Electrical Engineers. Donna Clare, partner with Cohos Evamy, was project architect – responsible, McConnell says, for the design as well as the design process. "Her continuous hand led the detailing," he adds.

"The strengths of the connections between the various lobby levels makes for a wonderful feeling of openness," he continues. "As Winspear Centre is largely used when dark, from the outside looking in you see life: the sparkle of the lights, and people moving within the building. As you move through the building you take a kind of spatial journey - starting from the outside, in a tall space facing Winspear Centre, into the intimate space of the lobby."

The essential character of the building grows from music and construction, so that visitors get a sense of the materials the building is made of. Even a number of both musically and uniquely Edmonton references were employed: a continuing graphic reference to the five lines in a musical staff, to our river valley, and even to the leaves native to our Edmonton woodlands.