WordFly Response

Last updated August 4, 2022


WordFly has now confirmed that Winspear Centre’s data was not impacted by this incident.

In their email on August 2, WordFly stated:

In our efforts to be as transparent as possible during the pendency of our investigation into this incident, and out of an abundance of caution given the details that we had at the time, we previously notified all of our customers on July 15, 2022, that their data may have been impacted as a result of this incident. The scope of this data largely consisted of names and email addresses. We also committed at that time to provide updates about what had occurred as our investigation progressed.

We can now confirm that only a small subset of our customer base had data exported by the bad actor that perpetrated this incident.

We are further able to inform you that the data that your organization had uploaded to WordFly, at any point in time, was not impacted as a result of this incident.

We take our data privacy seriously and are pleased to share this update. For more information about the incident, please check the WordFly Incident FAQ.

In light of this, we want to give you a gentle reminder that data incidents are becoming an inevitable part of modern life. We recommend that you practice good security hygiene to protect yourself, such as:

  • Be alert for “phishing” emails, text messages, or phone calls that request that you provide personal information or contain links or attachments, even when originating from trusted individuals or companies. In particular, remain vigilant of any communication referencing your relationship with the ESO or the Winspear Centre. The ESO and the Winspear Centre will never ask you to provide payment, financial or other sensitive information by email.
  • Check your accounts for unauthorized charges and transactions.
  • Use strong passwords for your personal and financial accounts. Avoid using the same passwords across various services and change your passwords regularly.
  • If you ever suspect that you are the victim of identity theft or fraud, you should contact your local police.

If you have questions or concerns about this incident, you can contact us at privacy@winspearcentre.com.

Hanna Choi
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Francis Winspear Centre for Music | Edmonton Symphony Orchestra