Discover Music of Courage and Resistance with your ESO

Discover Music of Courage and Resistance with your ESO

By Micha Oostenbrink

What do Sibelius, Haydn, and Magnard have in common? Aside from being notable composers, their works will all be performed at a special upcoming ESO concert.

On February 24 & 25, ESO Artistic Advisor Michael Stern will conduct a unique program that features music centred on themes of courage, defiance, and resistance. With pieces from the classical era and the early 20th century, there will be something for any orchestra enthusiast at this performance.

Experience the ESO Premiere of Albéric Magnard’s Hymne à la justice, a powerful piece written as a reaction to injustices of the French political scene in the early 20th century. Almost half a century later, it was the first piece played by the Orchestre national de France after the liberation of Paris in 1944. This beautiful work alternates between dramatic and soft uplifting moments, ending with a long-awaited major chord.

There will also be an exciting and rare opportunity to hear four ESO soloists in the same piece – Haydn's Sinfonia concertante for Strings & Winds. This lively work will highlight Ewald Cheung (ESO Violin), Julie Hereish (ESO Cello), June Kim (ESO Oboe), and Bianca Chambul (ESO Bassoon), along with the rest of the orchestra weaving in and out between virtuosic solo moments.

Finally, Sibelius’ Symphony No. 2 will cap off the program with a mighty force. This work, which suggests an expansive winter landscape, icy winds, and majestic mountains, was described by Sibelius himself as a “confession of the soul.” At the time, his home country of Finland’s struggle for independence became attached with the triumphant feel of the final movement. Full of magnificent moments, it’s no wonder that this work has been praised since its premiere and concreted itself as a staple in classical repertoire.

Don't miss this exceptional concert on February 24 & 25. Tickets are selling fast – get yours before it’s too late!