Ticket Resale Information

Beware of Ticket Resellers

WinspearCentre.com is the exclusive online vendor for Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and other events taking place at the Winspear Centre.*

Tickets sold through third-party platforms such as TicketSales.com, Ticket Centre, Kijiji, StubHub, SeatGeek and others may not be valid. The Winspear Centre is not responsible for tickets sold through third-party platforms and cannot guarantee their validity or your access to an event should tickets be purchased through these platforms.

WinspearCentre.com is not always the first result when you search for Winspear events online. Ticket resale websites may purchase adspace to be the first result listed. Please always check the URL carefully and try to avoid web results labelled as “sponsored.”

How can I tell if a website is a third-party seller?

  • The website mentions being a secondary seller, a platform for reselling tickets, or similar wording.
  • Seat numbers for your event may not be listed. The listed seats may be limited to row and/or section.
  • Ticket prices are higher or lower than on WinspearCentre.com.
  • Ticket prices are in USD.
  • Tickets received list a price different than what you paid.
  • The order and/or account number on the tickets does not match the account or order number listed on your order confirmation.

How do I know if I have purchased a valid ticket?

  • Tickets purchased through WinspearCentre.com or the Winspear Box Office will always be valid.
  • When purchasing online at WinspearCentre.com, you will receive an order confirmation from the Winspear Centre directly.
  • Tickets received will list your order number, account number and seats also found on your order confirmation.

What do I do if I am unsure about an event I am looking at?

  • If you have questions about an event or purchasing a ticket, please contact the Winspear Box Office at 780-428-1414 or box.office@winspearcentre.com.

* Exceptions apply. Tickets for events such graduations and other small community events may be distributed through the organization's own platform. If you have questions about these events, please see their event listing on WinspearCentre.com/Tickets (if applicable) or contact the Winspear Box Office.