Meet Lana Walsh

Meet Lana Walsh

Lana Walsh, Capital Campaign Manager

"I create the strategy and manage the logistics for the capital campaign, I support the many volunteers helping us raise our goal, and I talk to people about the Winspear Project and ask them to consider supporting us."

What does a day at the office look like for you?

A typical day involves a variety of tasks like writing proposals, researching prospects, calling potential donors to set up meetings, and making follow-up thank you calls for donors who have given. In addition to development activities, I prepare for our meetings with the campaign cabinet, research and provide supporting material for our volunteers, develop ideas for promoting the campaign, and create the strategy for the campaign and public launch.

What’s the best thing you get to do each day at work?

Thanking donors for their gifts to our campaign. Every time I get to call someone and simply say, “thank you,” it is a special moment. Donors really appreciate being called and it can often turn into great conversation about the Winspear, the ESO, and the impact they have had on the lives of our donors and our community.

Outside of work, how do you spend your time?

I enjoy spending time with friends over good food and red wine, watching curling and NFL football (go Seahawks!), reading self-help books and fiction novels, and writing my young adult novel.

When somebody asks you about the Winspear Project, what’s the first thing you will tell them? Why is that important to you?

I always share that the new Winspear will be open and accessible for anyone – with many spaces available to meet up with friends and colleagues. You can bring your family inside during the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer. There will be opportunities to enjoy free activities, listen to live music, and learn at one of the facility’s many discovery zones. It will provide the opportunity for anyone to experience and enjoy the wonders of music.

What makes you want to support this project?

I support this project because I believe that music is universal. It doesn’t matter if you speak a certain language, or if you are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing today’s designer trends or still sporting that top you bought in 1999. Music can move you and make an impression upon your memory that will transport you back every time you hear it. The new open, accessible Winspear will help create these memories for generations.