Say Cheese: Snack Time at YONA

Say Cheese: Snack Time at YONA

By Rudy Howell

At YONA, 3 p.m. can only mean one thing – snack time. Five days a week, across five sites, our 240 students receive a mixture of healthy and wholesome snacks provided by our generous Nutrition Sponsor, Cameron Corporation.

Students are given their choice of fruit, dairy, and grain items, providing a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. These items commonly include apples, oranges, bananas, yogurt tubes, cheese strings, rice crackers, and muffins. On special occasions, treats like popcorn can be found among the YONA snack offerings.

“All kids deserve to have a full stomach when they’re learning, and snack time provides that. Giving them a free snack that their parents don’t have to worry about helps their day and their ability to focus and participate,” said Naomi Reitzin, Site Manager, YONA St. Alphonsus.

Snack time is as much about leisure as it is about teaching our students the YONA way – to show respect, listen carefully, do their best every day, and have fun. They learn not to take more than their fair share and always make an effort to include their peers in activities and conversation – no child sits alone during snack time.

Through snack time, YONA students also learn to care for their classrooms to the same degree as their instruments. Before lessons begin, it is the responsibility of the students to dispose of their trash appropriately and return their uneaten snacks to their instructors. This ensures leftovers can be eaten during break and taken home after class.

Socialization is another critical element of snack time at YONA. The opportunity to unwind with food and friends after a long school day is invaluable to our students. One cannot help but smile when listening to the sound of snack-time laughter reverberating through the hallways of a YONA site.

“It is a very relaxed and safe environment for them to eat and share with friends. It really brightens their day when they get to have a good time with each other before they get into their lessons,” said Reitzin.

Every day, students and teachers alike look forward to snack time, which remains a crucial aspect of YONA’s holistic approach to education and social support. On behalf of our growing YONA family, the Edmonton Symphony Society extends its gratitude to Cameron Corporation for ensuring our students continue to have the nutritious snacks they need to succeed.

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