Snack Time: A YONA Favourite

Snack Time: A YONA Favourite

By Kyra Droog

There’s nothing more energizing than getting to experience the controlled chaos that is snack time at YONA. Students come into the classroom and take their seats, talking excitedly to their friends and YONA instructors. “What’s for snack today?” they’ll ask excitedly. “What is it?”

With big smiles underneath their masks, the YONA instructors will begin to hand out the day’s snack to happy YONA students. “Oranges are my favourite!” grins one student, as he holds the orange up. “Look, it’s bigger than my fist!”

“Ooh, granola bars,” another student sings happily. “The best snack!”

With 146 YONA days each year, two snacks each day, and four YONA sites to support, snack time is a key aspect of the YONA program. In addition to snacks, YONA staff also ensure that food is available at the end of the day for students to take home if they choose – ensuring that no child leaves YONA hungry.

“It’s hard to focus, learn, and do our best when we are hungry,” says Jacquie McNulty, YONA Lead. “The nutrition program is an important component of our wholistic approach to supporting YONA students. We start every YONA day off right with a healthy snack enjoyed among friends.”

YONA staff work hard to ensure that a variety of snacks are offered, so that everyone has options and can find something they like. From classic granola bars to hummus and pita bread to veggies and dip (of which broccoli, surprisingly enough, is a favourite), YONA students are able to make their own choices about what snack is best for them. Having the ability to choose is an important part of snack time, because it helps YONA students stay comfortable and happy in their environment and gives them the autonomy to make their own decisions.

Snack time at YONA wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Cameron Corporation, YONA’s nutrition sponsor. Thank you to everyone at Cameron Corporation your continued support in keeping our YONA students happy, healthy, and well-fed!

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