Welcome Back to the Winspear!

Welcome Back to the Winspear!
Image credit: Eric Kozakiewicz

By Kyra Droog

After nearly 20 months of an empty and silent hall, the Winspear Centre is once again filled with the inextinguishable music of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The ESO’s Fall Season is in full swing, having already presented incredible concerts spanning from the Latin music presented in Tangos, Romance, and Jealousy to the powerful symphonies of Haydn, Bach & Wagner. Of course, there is much more to come.

“It’s tremendously exciting to be back, making music together, at the Winspear Centre,” says Chief Conductor Alexander Prior. “Music provides us with hope and energy, and this season’s concerts feature incredible, powerful pieces that remind us why we gather together to celebrate the music of our Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.”

Of course, coming to the Winspear these days looks a bit different than it did in years past. In order to attend a concert, our guests are required to provide proof of vaccination, along with ID. Masks are mandatory throughout the facility, including inside the Concert Hall. Limited concession is available, as well as tables throughout the facility where guests can enjoy a drink and a snack before their concert. The safety of guests, musicians, and staff is paramount, and these precautions ensure that the beauty and strength of live music can continue to ring throughout the wonderful Winspear Centre.

With nearly every concert featuring a standing ovation for the talent, energy, and beauty of the ESO’s performance, Edmontonians are making their love for their orchestra well-known. Excitement is in the air for upcoming performances as well, which will bring music new and old to our beautiful hall.

“Coming back to perform at the Winspear Centre for a live audience is like a dream come true and something we will never take for granted. We missed it so much!” says Assistant Conductor Cosette Justo Valdés. “The ESO started our wonderful season with such freshness and great energy; every piece in our concerts has been performed with all the love and care. We are all just so excited for each program to come – a season that is being put together to make us all enjoy the best music!”

About their experience at Tangos, Romance, and Jealousy, one patron said: “This was yet again a fabulous concert. Cosette is such an amazing addition to the Edmonton Symphony. Her youthful vitality and exquisite charm cannot be matched. And Robert was so TOTALLY fabulous. The whole symphony seems to enjoy the performance so much, as well. They are all so dedicated, and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful symphony here in Edmonton”

There are many more exciting concerts to come in the ESO’s Fall Season. In October, we’ll feature some of the great symphonies of Beethoven, Vivaldi & Shostakovich and journey through Rivers Wide: From Swanee to sîpy (ᓰᐱᕀ). In November, we will celebrate the beauty of Mozart & Trumpet, the beloved classic Peter and the Wolf, and exciting and wonderful new music, featured in Arrival.

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