David Bordeleau


David Bordeleau stands as a pillar of Edmonton's musical community, bringing his talent and dedication to local audiences as a distinguished member of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra since 2023.

With a rich background as an accomplished chamber musician, David's musical journey has taken him across prestigious stages worldwide, including notable performances at festivals such as the "Peter de Grote Festival" and the "Grachtenfestival" in Amsterdam. Prior to settling in Edmonton, David served as the principal cellist of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra from 2016 to 2017, showcasing his exceptional skill and artistry on an international stage. In 2018, he further demonstrated his prowess as the principal cellist of Asko Schoenberg, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in the orchestral world.

Now rooted in Edmonton, David continues to enrich the city's cultural landscape through his contributions to local orchestras. His mastery of the cello, paired with his passion for performance, elevates every concert he participates in. David's musical expertise is further enhanced by his academic achievements, holding a Master of Arts in Music from the Groningen Conservatory, where he studied under the mentorship of Michel Strauss.

Graced by the rich tones of his 1938 Enrico Politi cello and the finesse of an A. Vigneron bow, both generously loaned by CANIMEX INC. of Drummondville, QC, Canada, David brings a world-class caliber of performance to Edmonton audiences, ensuring that the city remains at the forefront of musical excellence.