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ESO Monthly Memberships

Starting at only $39 a month, ESO Membership gives you early access to your Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Flexible and affordable, Membership allows you to book tickets for a variety of genres spanning from Classics to Pops and Symphony For Kids for only $10 a ticket.

Purchase a Membership and receive early access to all regular ESO concerts released for the season before they go on sale to public, providing you a chance to choose your preferred seats. With an ESO Membership, the more tickets you book, the more value you’ll receive! If you’re not happy with your Membership, you can cancel any time.*

Additional Membership perks include: a 10% discount on a Membership if paid in full at time of purchase; free ticket exchanges; and more!

Please see our FAQ for more details.

ESO Member Testimonials

“The ESO Membership offers great flexibility at an affordable price, and I enjoy hearing music from a variety of genres and time periods.”

“The monthly membership fee motivates us to go at least once a month. The $10 ticket price motivated us to go to more concerts per month than in the past.”

“I enjoy attending several performances and experiencing new series I wouldn't otherwise look at - the cheap ticket price lets me take a risk and be pleasantly surprised.”

Choose Your Membership

Standard Membership

Choose seats from Price Levels 2 to 4


Plus $10 per concert*

One Time Payment

Premium Membership

Choose seats from Price Levels 1 to 4


Plus $10 per concert*

One Time Payment

*Service fee of $2.50 per ticket

ESO Membership gets you $10 Member tickets for 50+ concerts!
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Membership Benefits

Your exclusive advantages for becoming a member

  • $10 tickets

    To all regular ESO concerts.
  • Best seats

    Book the best seats before they go on sale to the public.
  • No exchange fees

    Buy tickets with confidence knowing that you have complimentary ticket exchanges.
  • Free coat check

    Available for all ESO concerts at the Winspear Centre.
  • Special offers

    Presale access and special discounts to newly announced concerts and Specials throughout the season.
  • Partner restaurant discounts

    Check out our partner restaurants for some sweet deals.
  • 15% off Musical Creativity programs

    Enjoy the wide variety of Musical Creativity programs we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Standard Membership is $39 a month and a Premium Membership is $64 a month. Both Membership levels allow you to purchase a ticket (one seat) for as many eligible Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concerts as you like for only $10 per ticket, plus service fees of $2.50 per ticket.

A Standard Membership costs $39 a month and allows you to buy tickets in the mid-range Price Levels. A Premium Membership costs $64 a month and allows you to buy tickets in the top Price Level, Level 1, as well as the lower Price Levels (excluding Price Level 5).

One Membership equals one ticket/seat per concert.

A Standard Membership allows you to purchase seats in Price Levels 2, 3 and 4 for Great Symphonies and Pops concerts, and Price Level 2 for New Music and Symphony for Kids concerts.

A Premium Membership allows you to purchase seats in Price Level 1, as well as all of the Price Levels open to Standard Members.

One household can purchase up to eight Memberships. If your household has two people who would like to attend concerts together, you should purchase two Memberships in order to purchase seats for both people attending a concert.

You can purchase a ticket for any eligible Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concert at the Winspear Centre for only $10 per ticket plus service fees ($2.50 per ticket). This does not include ESO Specials, Live At The Winspear concerts, or concerts being hosted by other artists.

There is no limit! Your Membership allows you to purchase tickets for yourself for as many concerts as you like, at only $10 a ticket plus service charges. Remember, if you are planning on coming with a friend or partner, you will need one Membership per seat. All concert tickets are subject to availability.

You can’t use your Membership to purchase tickets for 2022 Symphony Under The Sky festival but please check back later for updates.

ESO Concerts at the Winspear Centre start October 7, 2022. Click here to view upcoming performances. The first concert that you can book Member tickets for is Bach, Vivaldi & Fireworks: The Joy of Baroque, taking place October 13 & 14.

Members may begin booking concert tickets on September 8, 2022, at 10 AM Mountain Time. If you pay for your Membership on or after September 8, please allow for up to 15 minutes for your Membership to be processed before you begin booking tickets. The regular on sale for the public begins September 15, 2022, at 10 AM Mountain Time.

You may make monthly payments or pay all at once.

If you choose monthly payments: Your first months’ payment is due at the time of your purchase. If you sign up by October 31, your second monthly payment will be free ($0)! For the third month of Membership, regular monthly payments will resume. You will be charged to your credit card on file on the first of each month thereafter. If you sign up after November 1, 2022, your first payment is due at the time of your purchase and your second payment will be due on the first of the following month. If you would like to make monthly payments, they must be made using a credit card. Your Membership can be cancelled after three consecutive months (2 paid months, 1 free month); otherwise, it will automatically renewed after June 30, 2023. You will be charged a $5 administrative fee for those months without ESO concerts instead of the regular Membership fee.

If you choose a one-time payment:If you pay for your entire Membership from October through to June (9 months), you’ll receive a 10% discount. Members who choose to pay for their Membership in full at the time of purchase will have one (1) month deducted from their total, and then 10% will be deducted. You can pay in full online with a credit card, or in person at the Winspear Centre Box office with cash, debit, or credit. If you would like to pay in person at the Box Office, please email or call 780.428.1414 to set up an appointment. Your one-time payment will renew for next season automatically in the summer of 2023. You’ll be notified of the exact payment date in late spring/early summer and may choose to opt out or change your payment option then. You will be charged a $5 administrative fee for those months without ESO concerts instead of the regular Membership fee.

Yes, your Membership will automatically renew in summer of 2023 unless you opt out prior to that. You can cancel your Membership at any time after you have paid for two consecutive months.

Memberships are non-transferrable. Any violations of this policy may result in the termination of your Membership. However, if you’d like to purchase a Membership for someone else as a gift, you may do so by contacting the Box Office at or 780.428.1414.

This year, your Membership payments cover October through June. You will be charged a $5 administrative fee for those months without ESO concerts instead of the regular Membership fee. If you choose a one-time payment, it also covers October through June (nine months). Sign up before October 28 to receive one month free!

After you have had a Membership for a minimum of two (2) months, you can cancel your Membership any time up to three business days before your next payment is due, in order to give us time to process your cancellation. However, if you have any tickets booked for upcoming concerts, you will need to pay the difference between your Membership price and the regular ticket price within 72 hours of cancelling your Membership. If you don’t pay to upgrade your tickets, your seats will be released, and the cost of the Membership tickets will be refunded to your original method of payment.

You may either renew your Membership for the month that you have purchased concerts in, or you may pay the difference between the Membership price and the single ticket price.

For example: if you cancelled your Membership in December but had already purchased tickets for concerts in January, you would have to pay the difference in price for those January concerts. You would not be charged an additional amount retroactively for any concerts that you attended prior to December.

This evolved Membership first launched in August 2021 and remains the same for this season. It does, however, work differently than the Memberships offered in 2020.

Yes! Anyone may purchase both a Membership and subscription. This is an excellent way to see not only your favourite series but also concerts in other series, while saving money.

Memberships are not connected to specific seats, like subscriptions are. However, Members do get early access to booking seats.

Members may exchange their tickets into other eligible ESO concerts. To do so, please contact the Box Office at or 780.428.1414.

Please contact the Box Office team by emailing or calling 780.428.1414.