A Movie Without Words: Charlot & Mlle Cello

A Movie Without Words: Charlot & Mlle Cello

By Micha Poworoznik

Charlot & Mlle Cello, the last Symphony for Kids concert of the season, is taking place at the Winspear Centre on May 13, and it promises to be a spectacular performance.

Cellist Julie Hereish is no stranger to the ESO, joining as Assistant Principal Cello in 2019. However, for this concert, she will take on a different role. “One day, I received a call from a friend, actor Pierre Mayer. He wanted to create a kids’ show with me and he had an idea,” says Julie. “Pierre studied Charlie Chaplin’s work for his entire career and always wanted to create a brand-new show using Chaplin’s famous character, the Tramp (Charlot). He had the idea of a story that would combine Charlot and a female character who plays the cello. I thought the combination of pantomime and live music in the form of a show for kids was a great idea to keep alive the huge legacy of Chaplin’s work, as well as to allow children to discover live classical music, especially the cello. So, we started to create!”

Julie, who can usually be seen in the cello section at ESO concerts, has the unique opportunity to take centre stage with Pierre Mayer for the entire performance. “This is a completely different experience than performing a regular ESO concert, and I love it!” she says. “Normally, I sit in the orchestra and my role is to contribute to the whole by playing the cello. In Charlot and Mlle Cello, there is a story that goes with the music, like a movie without words. I am one of the two characters of the story, which means I am acting the entire show, and playing the cello is simply part of what my character does.”

When asked about her favourite moment in the performance, Julie says: “I love the ‘Duel’ scene where Charlot and Mlle Cello have a funny musical conversation, exchanging little bits of famous musical excerpts. In that moment, both characters stop focusing on their failures and problems and start reconnecting with their love and passion for music. Every child has difficulties, and it is important to remember what our strengths are, what we love, and how to get back on our feet.”

Experience Charlot & Mlle Cello at the Winspear Centre on Saturday, May 13. Tickets are selling fast – get yours before they’re gone! Click here to purchase your tickets.

Charlot & Mlle Cello

Saturday, May 13, 2023 ● 2:30 PM

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