Corporate Donations and Sponsorships

Corporate Donations and Sponsorships

Community Support

The YONA program is made possible by the financial and in-kind support of incredible sponsors and partners, many of whom have long-standing relationships with YONA. The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the YONA program are unendingly grateful for those who have chosen to be involved in the journey of the students and of the overall program as it continues to reach families in need.


Every year, the ESO delivers music education programs for nearly 30,000 children and adults from Central and Northern Alberta. Business community members, who champion arts education, support a large part of these programs, all of which offer well-rounded student development as part of the Alberta Education Curriculum. Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement, higher cognitive function, increased empathy, and confidence. Music's positive effects on the most vulnerable in society include psychological healing, encouraging a sense of peer responsibility, bringing people into harmony with each other and cultivating a transformative sense of pride. With many children in priority neighbourhoods still in need, the Winspear/ESO is enthusiastically looking to partner with organizations that share in the desire to make a tangible difference.

Join us in the goal of sharing music with our community.


  • Employee participation
  • Promotion through email, website and social media
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Complimentary tickets to our events and performances
  • Networking and speaking opportunities
  • Customer engagement activations
  • Acknowledgment from the stage of your performance support
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of the Winspear Centre

The Winspear/ESO is proud to partner with foundations and leading philanthropic institutions to provide the highest quality music education to the students. Together, we make access for all possible.

Contact Hanna Choi today to learn more about how our institutional partnerships make a difference in our community!