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Edmonton Symphony Society AGM

Members of the Edmonton Symphony Society are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM, Friday, January 15, 2021. This year’s AGM will be held virtually due to COVID-19.

We ask that you please send an email to Barb Wilkes, Board Liaison,, so that she can register your name and email. Ms. Wilkes will send you a calendar invitation and meeting material in advance of the AGM.



  • Receiving the report of the board report
  • Receiving the Executive report
  • Receiving the Artistic report
  • Receiving the audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 and the auditors’ report thereon
  • Appointing an auditor for the ensuing year
  • Receiving the report of the Nominating Committee and electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year
  • Proposed Special Resolution regarding Amendments to the ESS Bylaws:
    12. Annual General Meetings of the Society shall be held not more than sixteen (16) months after the holding of the last Annual General Meeting and shall be held at such place in Alberta as the Directors shall decide. Any meeting of the Members, including but not limited to Annual General Meetings of the Society, may be held by means of a telephone or other communication facilities, notwithstanding the fact that the persons constituting such meeting are not all together in the same room or place, providing however, that such facilities permit all such persons participating in the meeting and entitled to vote thereat to hear each other. A Member participating in such a meeting by such means is deemed to be present at the meeting.
    Motion: THAT the members of the Edmonton Symphony Society approve the amendments to the ESS Bylaws as presented.”
  • Conducting any other business, which may come properly before the meeting

Please RSVP by Friday, January 8, 2021.

Members of the Society include the following:

  1. Subscribers to the current season
  2. Core musicians of the Society employed on a full time basis
  3. Individuals who have donated at least $100 during the prior or current fiscal year of the Society; and
  4. Individuals who are registered with the Society and have volunteered their services for at least five hours over the past 12 months.


Board of Directors for Edmonton Symphony Society / Francis Winspear Centre for Music




  • Oryssia Lennie, Chair
  • Peggy Garritty, Past Chair
  • Craig McDougall, Secretary/Legal Counsel
  • David Yee, Treasurer
  • Bill Blais
  • Lewis Nakatsui
  • Mark Moran
  • Maureen McCaw
  • Meran Currie-Roberts*
  • Rick Dowell
  • Robin Doyon*
  • Ronda Metszies*
  • Sam Jenkins
  • Sheryl Bowhay
  • Michelle Luong (Student Intern)


*Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Core Musician

Send a message to Barb Wilkes to contact our Board of Directors.

Annual Report

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