Service Charges and Fees

What are ticket fees?

All tickets have two components: the ticket price, and the fees. The ticket price goes toward the event itself. The fees go toward everything else that gets the ticket to the event to you. They are dependent on the event, and sometimes the seat, you are purchasing.

The Winspear has its own fees that are standard across nearly all events ticketed by our Box Office. For non-Edmonton Symphony Orchestra shows, the promoter or organizer of the event may also add their own fees. These are at their discretion.

The Winspear’s fees go largely toward our Box Office (Guest Services). They pay for things like staffing, delivery of your tickets, and the costs associated with maintaining the event in our ticketing system. In short, they allow you to purchase the tickets and get them in hand.

Why are fees kept separate from the ticket price?

Because fees are so dependent on the event, and sometimes can change within the event depending on the seat, it is difficult for us to advertise exact fees and also to incorporate those into one listed price. That is why they appear in your cart. Once we know what you are purchasing, our system can calculate the total fees.

Do I save by buying in person?

Most fees are the same regardless of how you purchase the tickets. By buying the tickets in person, the most you will save is the handling fee. This fee is applied only once per order, so you will save $2.50 total by buying in person.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Guest Services at or 780-428-1414. Please note our hours for phone service.