Volunteers are an integral part of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) and Francis Winspear Centre for Music (FWCM) family.

The welcoming smile or voice of a volunteer is often part of the patron's initial experience. Volunteers nurture a welcoming and comfortable environment for all community members.

Our ever-evolving volunteer program assists the ESO|FWCM Team with many things - making calls to patrons, administrative duties around the office, helping at concerts and events, and so much more. ESO|FWCM volunteers are passionate, active, engaged, music-loving members of our community who love to connect with others through their shared love of music.

By volunteering at the ESO|FWCM, you will have the opportunity to hear live music, learn more about the orchestra, and the importance of relationships with all ESO|FWCM Family members, including patrons and staff.

If you are interested in joining our roster of incredible volunteers, we would love to meet you, and learn more about you.

Please fill out this form to start the conversation, and the Volunteer Manager, Turlough Myers, will connect with you.

If you are between the ages of 18-32, we also encourage you to check out the ESO|FWCM Young Leadership Council here.


“Volunteering at Winspear has opened doors for me and I, dare say, all the other volunteers. The interaction with the patrons brings to life the music and community.”

-Lynda, FWCM/ESO Volunteer for six years.

“The ESO/Winspear offers incredible music performed in a world class facility. Volunteering has definitely enhanced my musical exposure, while at the same time providing me the opportunity to learn a great deal about different kinds of music, the composers, and the stories behind them all. I love volunteering: assisting the patrons, and working alongside the staff as part of the volunteer team to ensure that everyone has a memorable Winspear experience. It's fun and very rewarding!”

-Joanne, FWCM/ESO Volunteer for eight years.