Concert Hall

Capacity: 1,884 (including choir loft); 1,668 (without choir loft)

The tall, rectangular hall (Main Performance Chamber) is based on the 'shoebox' design used in many of Europe's venerable concert halls, such as the Tonhalle in Zurich and the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. This particular size and shape creates the best natural acoustics. Developed by Artec Consultants Inc., acousticians for Dallas' Morton Myerson Symphony Centre and many others, the Concert Hall was built with every technical need in mind for state-of-the-art production facilities.

The short distance from the stage to the farthest seat creates a more intimate relationship between performer and audience. Seating wraps around the sides and back of the Hall on four levels - the Orchestra level, Dress Circle level, Upper Circle level and the Gallery - creating a wonderful energy and ambience for any type of performance. The Chamber was designed for an acoustic or amplified concert to accommodate a variety of performers from classical to pop to world to rock to jazz. The interior of the Chamber can be draped fully or partially by "acoustic curtains" to reduce reverberation. The backstage facilities have been designed for convenience, with easy access to the stage from the loading docks.

The Winspear concert hall is not just for musical entertainment. Presentations have included speaker series, the CFL Awards (broadcast live on TSN), the Comedy Arts Festival and the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association awards. Some companies have even used the Performance Chamber as an impressive backdrop for investment seminars. Some have thought the beauty and ambience of the space perfect for wedding or anniversary dinners on stage!

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