Conducting Your Business

As a business professional, you are seeking innovative ways to develop and advance in your work. As a business leader, you are constantly challenging your team to think broadly, lead confidently, and achieve outstanding results.

The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) and the Tommy Banks Institute for Musical Creativity are proud to provide a unique way to inspire your staff to become truly great leaders.

At Conducting Your Business, conductor and presenter Rob Kapilow, and the musicians of the ESO will demonstrate the multiple layers which make Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik a true masterpiece. This immersive and entertaining workshop uses one of the most loved pieces of music ever written to overcome linear thinking and jumpstart creativity.

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Reflections from past participants for Conducting Your Business:

“Listen for possibilities. The difference between good and great is just a 'listen' away. Possibility is everywhere.”
“Listening to the small things can help with an overall understanding. Small changes and innovation result in pleasant surprise for the audience/customer.”
“Collaboration requires that everyone uses their strengths and skills to the best of their ability in order to produce an excellent outcome.”
“Insightful and inspirational.”