Admission for one class (maximum 25 students); classes of over 25 students may purchase additional tickets. One chaperone for each 8 students admitted free. Open for any Education Concert or Open Dress Rehearsal based on availability.

How to Apply

  1. Register for any Education Concert or Open Dress Rehearsal program.
  2. Once you've registered for your concert, please click here to fill out an application form for Upbeat!
Deadline To Apply: December 1, 2023.


The endowment funds to establish the grant were contributed to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra by an anonymous donor in 2007.


The purpose of the grant is to provide access to the ESO’s education programs for students at the elementary and junior high school level in central and northern Alberta who might not otherwise have the opportunity. The ESO’s education programs are designed to offer interesting and exciting ways to learn about music, both in the classroom and in a concert hall setting.


  1. Priority will be given to a class in a registered school in central and Northern Alberta, who has not previously had the opportunity to attend an ESO Education performance.

  2. Previous expression of interest from the school or teacher in having students participate in an ESO Education program

Grant Details

  1. The grant is not a monetary award, but rather includes:
    a) The provision of tickets to attend an Education Concert/Open Dress Rehearsal performance (dates/times based on availability) at the Francis Winspear Centre for Music.
    b) The provision of learning materials for the classroom prior to attending the performance (if applicable).
    c) Please note that no other costs are covered by the grant. Successful applicants are responsible for ensuring transportation and any other associated costs incurred in participating in the program. In the past, the grant has often covered the cost of transportation. This is determined on a school-by-school basis and is not guaranteed.

  2. Applicants are eligible to receive a grant once every five years.

  3. Up to six schools will be awarded grants in a given year.

  4. Grant applications should be prepared by the appropriate school staff member on behalf of the students or class receiving the grant.

  5. The following considerations are to be given the highest priority in awarding grants:
    a) The extent to which it can be demonstrated that the class of students would not otherwise have access to involvement in the ESO’s Education program.
    b) The extent to which it can be demonstrated that involvement in the ESO’s Education program would enhance the students’ music education.
    c) The extent to which it can be demonstrated that the students’ school, if a class is successful in receiving the grant, is committed to ensuring students’ attendance and involvement in the Education program (i.e., budgeting for buses, excursion supervision, and replacement teachers).
    d) The proportionate and fair distribution of tickets among a representative number of schools.

  6. No grants may be awarded for:
    a) any purpose not directly related to the music education and instruction of the school students.
    b) the personal or financial benefit of a student, teacher or school.

  7. The ESO will award grants directly to the successful applicant.

  8. A final report must be prepared by the applicant and sent to the ESO Education Manager within 30 days of attendance at the education program. The report should include:
    a) Information on the extent to which receiving the grant has enhanced and/or benefited the students’ music education.
    b) Feedback and/or responses from teacher and students regarding the experience of attending the performance.
    c) A separate thank you letter or thank you package from the students who participated in the program for the anonymous donor. This is to be sent to the ESO Education Manager, who will forward it to the donor.

  9. Applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the ESO Education Manager and an additional ESO staff member. All decisions made by the review panel regarding the grants are final.

  10. Grants are not transferable; there can be no exchanges or substitutions.

  11. The ESO reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.