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For All Grades | Bookings available for January - June 2021

We have customizable programming that includes individual activities from our most popular programs ranging from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Join one of our education professionals at the Winspear, in your place of learning, or online for a live presentation of engaging activities at an affordable price. These activities can be paired together or purchased individually. Break up your teaching day or at home learning with a guest instructor and visit to the Winspear Centre! All activities can be adapted for any age.

Educator Feedback:

"Super impressed with how the program transformed real life into this virtual format. I've done the in-person tour program, and I am in love with this virtual opportunity! Well done!"

Registrations Closed:

Updates for next season's registrations will be posted here when they are available — stay tuned!.

Winspear Tour

45 - 60 Minutes

Explore the different spaces of the Winspear Centre virtually in 3D or in person and learn all about the acoustics, what the building is made of, how the Winspear Centre came to be, and more!

Davis Concert Organ Demo

45 Minutes

This interactive demonstration of the largest pipe organ in a concert hall in Canada will educate you about how it was built, where it came from, and who it is named after, plus how this pipe organ makes its glorious sound.

Learn more about "The King of Instruments" aka the Organ by listening to ESO Offstage podcast Episode 5.

Instrument Exploration

45 Minutes

An in-depth discovery of how various instruments produce their sound and are played, how they fit into their instrument family, and what role they play in the orchestra.

Meet an ESO Musician

45 Minutes

Learn about an ESO Musician’s instrument and their life as a professional musician – perfect for the budding musician in your family!

Your Activity Idea

Our offerings do not stop here... Do you have an idea for an activity you’d like to do at the Winspear? Contact us at to discuss a custom experience we can develop for your unique needs. Band clinics, choir workshops, art and movement related activities are just a few other options we have organized before, so let’s talk! Cost varies depending on length and type of activity.

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Are masks mandatory?

Yes, for adults, but not for babies. We encourage toddlers over the age of 2 to wear a mask during class.

What procedures are in place to keep us safe during class?

Sanitizer will be placed in all entrances, classrooms, and washroom facilities. Physically distanced café tables will be used to store personal belongings during class. Separate musical supplies for each family will be provided and sanitized between classes. High touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly between classes.

What are the responsibilities of the parents and guardians?

All participants and staff must complete a wellness check before arriving for class and stay home if you feel unwell.

What happens if I’m not feeling well?

If you feel unwell and need to stay at home, you can join the class by Zoom. A link will be provided for families to join, along with a list of household items to use during class.

Can I do a make-up class if we need to miss a class?

Families are not able to do a make-up class in person but can join a class over Zoom to make up for any missed classes.

Can I bring relatives to join the class?

Only one adult may join the class for each child enrolled. This allows us to follow physical distancing guidelines in our classroom.

What happens if there is a COVID-19 case in our class?

Our staff will work with Alberta Health Services to provide information for contact tracing.

What if you have to shut down due to an outbreak or increase in cases?

We will offer classes online if we are not able to run the class in person. If a change in program delivery method occurs, our staff will notify participants by phone and email.

What protocols will Winspear staff be following to ensure the safety of our students and school when they visit?

Our equipment and musical supplies used for these programs will be sanitized between bookings before they are brought to your site. Winspear staff will wear a mask and ask for your class to wear theirs as well, if possible. There will be only one staff member from the Winspear that will attend your site to lead the program, and they will conduct a wellness check prior to coming to your school. If it is possible in your classroom, our staff will also adhere to physical distancing guidelines. We will work with Alberta Health Services to provide information for contact tracing should the need arise. We want to respect all the rules your school/daycare has in place to maintain everyone’s safety.

What happens if circumstances for my class change and we can’t host your visit?

No problem! Our programs have been designed to be flexible and meet the need for sudden adaptations to accommodate the unpredictable nature of the virus. We are happy to alter the delivery method of your program to accommodate your current circumstances. Contact us to make a switch to one of the other delivery methods. Please note that upon changing delivery methods, your scheduled date may need to be changed, but our staff will work to assist you through altering your booking. There is no fee to change formats.

Will we need a larger space than our classroom?

We can adapt to any space. We’ll leave this up to you. We’ll make the experience great no matter what!

Will you be bringing your own equipment, or is there anything the school will need to provide?

Outside of students wearing their masks while we are visiting, we will be mostly self-sufficient. We will have videos and presentations to display on your smartboard, and therefore may need to hook up to it.

How have the activities of the programs been adapted to be delivered in this new format?

The activities you would experience at the Winspear have been digitized for the multi-format offering of our programs. Though the most immersive and authentic experience for students would be to attend at the Winspear in-person, the digital version of these activities is presented in an interactive way with our excellent instructors. Sound clips, videos, and 360° photos will engage your students to learn all about sound, acoustics, music, instruments, and the amazing Winspear Centre building through an inquiry-based approach. There will be some supplemental materials that we’ll share with you to expand on what is learned during your program, too!

Do I need to do anything to prepare my class for this field trip?

Our program coordinator will be in touch prior to your scheduled booking to go over anything we may need for assistance with the delivery of the program. As the teacher of your students, we will rely on you to be a bit of a moderator during the program session, but we can take the lead for the most part so your prep time is minimal to host us.

What video conferencing platform will you use for our online program?

Our interactive and participatory classes will take place live over Zoom. You will receive a meeting id and password for your class prior to your first session.

How should I be prepared at home to participate?

Downloading the Zoom app and familiarizing yourself with the mute button, camera on, and chat functions are recommended. You’ll also want to ensure you have the following:

  • Comfortable clothes to wear while we sing, move, and play
  • A fairly open space for you and your baby to move around
  • A bell, or shaker (bear bell, holiday decoration, a homemade shaker works too!)
  • A scarf, pillowcase, or small blanket
  • Tupperware container, or hand drum

Cancellation/Alteration Policy

You are required to provide written notice of cancellation or alteration of your concert booking via email at
For cancellation, a fee of 50% of the cost of the original booking will be charged. If less than one week’s notice is given, the full cost of the booking will be charged.

No-Show Policy

Refunds will not be granted for groups who do not attend the field trip. If possible, arrangements will be made for the group to attend at a later date. In extreme circumstances, partial refunds may be granted at the discretion of the ESO/FWCM.